Avant Dental Network™ is making quality dental care affordable nationwide.

Avant Dental Network™ plans to promote great dental health for people with quality dental benefits at an affordable cost. We believe our role in healthcare industry is to shift perceptions and move beyond being simply a provider. To that end, we work to empower our members and help them live healthy, active and rewarding lives. We are dedicated to making business decisions that reflect our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our members, our associates, the communities we serve, and our planet.

Membership in the Avant Dental Network™ means that our enrolees have access to the largest dentist network. We attribute the network size, strength and stability to locally based recruitment and dentist relationships. By empanelling more licensed dentists and dental professionals, we ensure that dentist’s needs and concerns are represented – a cornerstone of maintaining network credibility and stability.

Avant Dental Network™ offers many diagnostic and preventive services at low payments, thereby encouraging regular preventive dental visits. Enrolees select a dentist with our network to provide dental services. All of our network dentists’ offices are independently-owned, and adhere to Avant Dental Networks™ standards of care, quality and service.

We aim at becoming a global health service company with a strong service model.



“A belief to make the world a better place. One SMILE at a time”


“A promise to offer people integrated dental services which are Accurate, Virtuous, Accessible, Nominal and Trust-worthy. In short, A.V.A.N.T.”


Avant Dental Network™ offers an extensive array of plan designs, service features and dentist options. Our service offer features maximum waiver options for preventive services and reasonable discounts on advanced procedures like root canal treatment, cosmetic corrections and dental implants.

Patients have the freedom to choose any dentist from our vast dentist network. We have the largest network of its kind, with more than 25 dental locations in Bangalore, dedicated to providing excellent dental services.

Emphasis is laid on dental wellness and oral health and hygiene. Our dental interaction portal (www.avantdental101.com) provides information and an interactive platform that encourages and empowers enrolees to be active participants in managing their oral and overall health. Each enrolee and associate is supported by an experienced team of service specialists who understand your specific requirements and are responsive to your needs. We help you not just with your treatments, we show you the requirement, necessity and the best available treatment alternatives.


Avant Dental Network™ offers affordable dental solutions. We take the initiative to diagnose your dental problems and present treatment options at dental facilities close to you. At annual low payments we take care of oral hygiene and dental wellness by scheduling appointment with the dentist for routine dental cleaning sessions along with consultations. Our plans offer further discounts on dental services as required by the patient.
Avant Dental Network™ dentists accept prefixed discounted fees as payment for treatments.
• Freedom to choose any dentist – no pre-authorisation or referral required.
• Largest network of its kind, with more than 25 clinic locations.
• Visiting our network dentists’ provides greatest opportunities for groups and enrolees to save.
• Make sure the benefits reinforce preventive care. Plan designs and incentives should encourage the enrolee to seek preventive care, which will often reduce the need for more costly care and will also favourably impact overall health.
• Review procedure limitations and frequencies.